Creators will get 45 percent of the advertising revenue on YouTube shorts

Creators will get 45 percent of the advertising revenue on YouTube shorts

You can create and exchange videos of up to 60 seconds on YouTube shorts. These videos are very popular among users due to their small size. And so YouTube has taken the initiative to share the income with the creators by showing advertisements in short videos. Various discussions were going on in the technology arena for several days. On Tuesday, YouTube officially acknowledged the matter through a statement and said that advertisements may be shown in the videos of YouTube shorts. And the creators of the video will get 45 percent of the income from this advertisement.

YouTube pays 55 percent of ad revenue to video creators covered by YouTube's monetization program. As a result, creators will earn less by making short videos compared to regular videos on YouTube.

YouTube launched the YouTube Shorts service in September 2020. Currently, about 1.5 billion people use YouTube shorts every month. Despite gaining popularity, making short videos does not directly generate income through YouTube's monetization program.

Note that in the first six months of the year, Google earned 1,420 million dollars by showing advertisements of various companies on YouTube. Under this new initiative, ads of maximum 6 seconds will be shown on YouTube shorts videos. As a result, in addition to increasing YouTube's income, short video makers can also earn. 




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